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The focus of our research program is the structure determination of integral membrane proteins by X-ray crystallography and functional analysis of these proteins using biophysical, biochemical, and cell biological techniques. We study transporters embedded in the outer membranes of Gram-negative bacteria, which are surface accessible and therefore have the potential to be good vaccine and/or chemotherapeutic targets against infectious diseases. We also study the membrane associated or soluble protein partners that interact with outer membrane transporters to better understand how these systems function in vivo. Current topics in the lab include [1] small molecule and protein import across the bacterial outer membrane, [2] protein secretion by pathogenic bacteria, and [3] protein import across mitochondrial outer membranes.

See more about our research HERE.

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- July 20 - 24, 2013 - American Crystallographic Association (ACA) Annual Meeting (2013), Waikiki, Hawaii.


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- 2013-Apr - Our TbpA work is highlighted in the February 2013 edition of NIDDK: Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities! For the full edition Click here exit disclaimer icon or for only the Cross-Cutting Science section Click here exit disclaimer icon

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- 2013-Feb - Our TbpA paper is highlighted at SSRL! Click here exit disclaimer icon

- 2013-Feb - Susan ventures to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

- 2013-Jan - Jennifer joins our lab!

- 2012-Oct - Congrats to Herve and Sally on their marriage!

- 2012-Sep - Herve will be visiting our lab long term to work on his top secret project!

- 2012-Jul - Congrats to Adam and family on the birth of their baby girl Keira!

- 2012-Apr - Congrats to Ann Marie and family on the birth of their baby boy Frederick!


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Our Lab [ April 2013 ]

group photo 0412-2010

[Christine, Istvan, Steve, Susan, Herve, Nick, Travis, Adam, Jenn, Ann Marie]


See more photos HERE.


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Noinaj N, Buchanan SK, Cornelissen CN. (2012). The transferrin-iron import system from pathogenic Neisseria species. Mol Microbiol. (in press) Sep 7. doi: 10.1111/mmi.12002. [HTML] [PDF] exit disclaimer icon

Lukacik P, Barnard TJ, Keller PW, Chaturvedi KS, Seddiki N, Fairman JW, Noinaj N, Kirby TL, Henderson JP, Steven AC, Hinnebusch BJ, & Buchanan, S.K. (2012). Structural engineering of a phage lysin that targets gram-negative pathogens. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109(25):9857-62. [HTML] [PDF] exit disclaimer icon

Fairman JW, Dautin N, Wojtowicz D, Liu W, Noinaj N, Barnard TJ, Udho E, Przytycka TM, Cherezov V, & Buchanan, S.K. (2012). Crystal structures of the outer membrane domain of intimin and invasin from enterohemorrhagic E. coli and enteropathogenic Y. pseudotuberculosis. Structure, 3;20(7):1233-43. [HTML] [PDF] exit disclaimer icon

Noinaj, N., Easley, N.C., Oke, M., Mizuno, N., Gumbart, J., Boura, E., Steere, A.N., Zak, O., Aisen, P., Tajkhorshid, E., Evans, R.W., Gorringe, A.R., Mason, A.B., Steven, A.C., & Buchanan, S.K. (2012). Structural basis for iron piracy by pathogenic Neisseria. Nature (Research Article), 483 (7387):53-8. [HTML] [PDF] exit disclaimer icon

See the complete list of publications HERE.

* Documents in PDF format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application for viewing. exit disclaimer icon


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A postdoctoral position is available for structural and functional analysis of proteins involved in virulence and/or survival in pathogenic bacteria. We are particularly interested in developing drugs and vaccines that target multidrug resistant bacterial strains. See recent examples of our work in Nature 483:53-58 (2012) and Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109:9857-9862 (2012). Candidates must have experience in protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography and will ideally have some experience in membrane or soluble protein expression, purification, and crystallization. Good biochemistry skills are essential. We are part of an interactive group of structural biologists sharing common home source X-ray facilities, dedicated access to beamlines at APS, and a common weekly group meeting.

Get more details HERE.


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